Exclusive New Release for Record Store Day - Black Friday (11/28/14)
Only 1,000 units available!

This 'fresh' release features a 'small-hole' 7" with authentic original labels, in a heavy 7" adaptation of the iconic Tuff City die-cut single jacket with spine. Davy’s “One For The Treble” is one of the great scratch DJ records of the 80s and one in which Davy established a singular imprimatur, combining the fat funkiness of drum-driven rhythm and blues with the seamlessly evolving technique scratching singing and instrument-playing on turntables. Reeve’s success with Tuff City hastened his rise as a first call producer. He went on to produce important recordings by Run-D.M.C., but his legacy as a scratch DJ artist shines brightly here in 7”-friendly versions of his 2 recordings for Tuff City, “One For The Treble (Fresh)” (1984) and “The DMX Will Rock” (1985).