“Ante Up” was the first single from M.O.P.’s full length “Warriorz.” The cut dropped in 2000 and its success paved the way for “Warriorz” to open in the 25 slot on the Top 200. For the Get On Down reissue – “Ante Up” is paired with the remix of the cut on the B-Side (originally the flip of “Cold As Ice”). The remix is nothing to sleep on – with features from Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma and Teflon.

Stats and features aside – “Ante Up” is one of the most powerful and energetic records of its era. Everything fit this song perfect, the intro, the incredible DR Period beat, Fame and Billy Danzes catchy as hell hook and countless quotable “Hol’ dat”. M.O.P had already cemented themselves as the streets #1 pick but this right here was the atomic bomb. Only a few hip hop singles dropped post-2000 were both an immediate smash hit and had anything resembling this sort of long term staying power.