"Save The Youth" was a fitting theme from the get go. In the late 1970's, middle school band teacher and jazz musician Mal Sharpe built the group from former students who attended various high schools across the city. Sharpe enlisted fellow educator Frank McNeil as assistant manager and producer and found the perfect vocalist, Fayetteville State University student Mike Walker. A young talent indeed, by 1983, Walkers perfect tenor graced: I Found Lovin" by The Fatback Band, the famed NY group's biggest hit of the decade. By 1980, Mellow Madness had committed to six tight, original compositions to tape but released only one single in hopes of garnering the interest of a major record company. Unfortunately, no deal was ever secured and the group disbanded by the mid-80s while their music remained on the shelf. In 2007, with relocation of the tape by Carolinian master sleuth Jason Perlmutter, Kay-Dee Records is proud to breath fresh life into Mellow Madness, starting with an exclusive 45RPM Kenny Dope Mix of " SAVE THE YOUTH." Also to follow a 12" version of the collection of the groups recordings.