Bliss’s lone 45 made an impact via radio airplay and club spins in their hometown of Goldsboro, NC in late 1979. Famous only for Seymour Johnson Air Force Base there, the unassuming Eastern NC town was an unlikely place to start a soul group, and the songs were only distributed in the area. Led by keyboard player William Braswell, and moving on to NC's capitol city Raleigh in the early 1980s and to California shortly thereafter, the group tried their hand at commercial viability but never quite made it.
Now their music - with its unique production and massive club appeal, certainly ripe for todays modern soul scene, yet unknown to the leading DJs - will finally reach a wide audience thanks to Kay-Dee Records. With Goldsboro only about an hour northeast of Fayetteville, NC, home of Mellow Madness whose complete recordings including the anthem "Save The Youth" is now being re-released on Kay-Dee, much deserving late 70's and early 80's soul music of the Carolinas will continue to once again see the light of day.